Project FuZer

A Co-operative For Bootstraped Technology Startups

Needed: Highly skilled technical people who want to form teams, build innovative projects, test them, and prepare for funding or acquisition.

/* This is not a freelancer hiring site.  
The only pay is project equity by completing tasks. */

We anticipate launch in late 2020.
(Coding our app is going slowly as we adopt the latest tech.)

Need Your Idea Built And In A Market?

Skilled people in various disciplines work on your project in exchange for equity.  We don’t allocate equity the old failed ways. We have a secret sauce allocation method.  Get “paid” by task!

Have Technical Or Business Skills And Want To Have Fun?

Think of Project Fuzer as a long term hack-a-thon with equity rewards for each project you work on.  Meet team members and get innovative stuff built as a hobby.

Use Your Skills To Invest In Startups!

Build small parts of many startup projects.  Keep your day job and spread your risk, just like financial investors do.

Value Propositions

For Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Project FuZer is a platform marketplace to find projects to work on or highly skilled people to help you build products.
Project FuZer is a tool for enhancing a professional reputation with verifiable activities and learning. Show a future employer what you can do.
This platform competes with seed investors and startup incubators.
Live anywhere and have the power of living in Silicon Valley.
If you are highly skilled and want the excitment and financial potential of startup work, you don’t have to quit your day job to join a hot startup!
If you have an innovation idea and no network and not much money. Don’t waste time trying to find co-founders and funding.  Join Project FuZer.
Project FuZer is a place for corporations to let their employees experiment with new ideas and the buy the product if interested.
Project FuZer is a place and method to discover co-founders and future employees and evaluate their skills and commitment.
Project FuZer is a place to hangout with creative and interesting people and learn something new and build a personal network.
Have fun being on creative teams and building cool stuff! And earn equity!
Project FuZer is a method to invest in startups with time and expertise and potentially make more money than wages.

We Accept Projects In These Fields:

PF is not for projects that are similar to what is already abundantly available. Innovation only.
Projects must show high value and have potential for aquisition or venture capital. No trivial crap.

Machine learning
Artificial intelligence
Innovation with older technologies
Healthcare and life sciences (medical devices, services, etc.)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Transportation (connected car, auto-pilot, etc.)
Sciences and engineering
Games and entertainment
Multi-field software or hardware (cross-over / intersectional innovation)
Enterprise tools
Government tools
Non-profit tools
Anything we don’t have listed?  Contact us.

About us

What Is Project Fuser About? It has a variety of important benefits for entrepreneurs and those investing their work in exchange for equity.  Complete more tasks for more equity, or just to have fun on an innovative team!

The main issue is how to allocate equity. Project Fuser will not use the traditional hours or wild guesses as to who gets how many shares or what percent. All those methods fail and have resulted in litigation and failed projects. While we’ll wait for our launch to reveal the secret sauce we’ll give you a teaser – Project Fuser is a platform marketplace like no other. 🙂

Our Team

Jim Preston

Co-founder, entrepreneur

Jim knows something about business startups.  He has founded, co-founded, or significantly helped others found about 100 startups in a dozen industries.  Formerly of KPMG, founded an office for Deloitte in Russia, and his own Certified Public Accounting firm which was about 50% software development for various industries.

He has produced useful work in about 50 different disciplines, more than anyone in history, by far.  He has had deep professional expertise in half a dozen of those.

Of particular interest here is his knowledge and experience in project management in several industries, accounting and tax, commercial law litigation, business valuation, early stage marketing, some experience in merger and acquistions, and software development on and off since 1982.  

Currently developing with the Web application stack Angular, AWS, Ubuntu, Postresql, Nestjs, GraphQL and others. 

Jim brings his vast experience to Project FuZer where, along with other members, startup founders can get business advice and technical help when needed.

Katya Preston

Co-founder, Sr Manager Business Intelligence

Katya’s day job is as a data analyics and business intelligence manager at a national publicly traded company.  She is also on their enterprise software development team and works daily with IT.

She contributes to Project Fuser in a variety of ways from funding to application development advice to database design.  Katya has been a co-founder with Jim on startups previously.

Get in Touch

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